“Tying and Untying the Knot:How Should Entrepreneurs Negotiate with Investors?- Christopher R. Noble” Eğitimi (15 Ekim 2016)

VI.Uluslararası “Üniversitelerde Fikri Mülkiyet Hakları Yönetimi” Konferansı kapsamında bu sene “Tying or Untying the Knot:How Should Entrepreneurs Negotiate with Investors?” Eğitimi Christopher R. Noble tarafından verilecektir. Eğitim içeriğini aşağıda bulabilirsiniz. 

“Tying and untying the knot: How entrepreneurs should negotiate with their investors”

  • Entrepreneurs are from Jupiter, Investors are from Saturn: The very different objectives of entrepreneurs and investors, and how they can work together anyway
  • Determining milestones for the company
  • How much money to raise? When? From what sources?
  • How a Venture Capital partnership works
  • VC expectations: control, terms, ROI, exits
  • Managing the investor’s role in your company
  • Designing an effective Board of Directors
  • How to finance your company without VCs.
  • Strategic vs. financial investors
  • The key terms of the VC’s investment
  • Ownership, Preferences, Dilution and Control
  • Compensating founders, other employees, consultants, board members: options vs. stock; pricing; vesting; claw-back

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