“Tying and Untying the Knot:How Should Entrepreneurs Negotiate with Investors?- Training by Christopher R. Noble” (15 October 2016)

Christopher R. Noble will give training entitled “Tying or Untying the Knot:How Should Entrepreneurs Negotiate with Investors?” in the scope of VI. Annual International Conferance On Managing Intellectual Property In Universities.You will find the content of the training as followings.

“Tying and untying the knot: How entrepreneurs should negotiate with their investors”

  • Entrepreneurs are from Jupiter, Investors are from Saturn: The very different objectives of entrepreneurs and investors, and how they can work together anyway
  • Determining milestones for the company
  • How much money to raise? When? From what sources?
  • How a Venture Capital partnership works
  • VC expectations: control, terms, ROI, exits
  • Managing the investor’s role in your company
  • Designing an effective Board of Directors
  • How to finance your company without VCs.
  • Strategic vs. financial investors
  • The key terms of the VC’s investment
  • Ownership, Preferences, Dilution and Control
  • Compensating founders, other employees, consultants, board members: options vs. stock; pricing; vesting; claw-back

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