"TEKNOFRAM – Board Game for Patent Searching” and “LES 100 Training -IPR and Commercialization of Technology Through Licensing-Mustafa Çakır, Murat Idal ve Samir Deliormanlı" Eğitimi (16 Ekim 2016)

VI.Uluslararası “Üniversitelerde Fikri Mülkiyet Hakları Yönetimi” Konferansı kapsamında bu sene “"TEKNOFRAM – Board Game for Patent Searching” and “LES 100 Training -IPR and Commercialization of Technology Through Licensing" Eğitimi Mustafa Çakır, Murat Idal ve Samir Deliormanlı tarafından verilecektir. Eğitim içeriğini aşağıda bulabilirsiniz. 

“TEKNOFRAM – Board Game for Patent Searching”

TEKNOFRAM is a game played with a game board and cards to enhance the learning process of patent searching for participants via interactive challenges. It is designed for participants who want to learn patent searching effectively. Each team has four members with different roles, such as patent agent, entrepreneur, and technology expert and market analyst.
All teams have one mission. We give a technology name, for instance "a coffee machine", and teams try to find exact patent documents for this selected technology by following the rules. Different playing cards define actions for the teams. TEKNOFRAM can be played in one and a half hours with up to 30 participants. All the participants need to have at least some basic knowledge of patent information. Participants should have their laptops and smartphones to tackle various challenges.

LES 100 Training “IPR and Commercialization of Technology Through Licensing” (Rectorate Conference Hall) / (09:00 – 18:00)

Module 1: Introduction & IP Basics Introduction to the different types of IP including patents, trademarks, copyright, get-up and trade secrets

Module 2: Basics of IP Commercialisation & Licensing Introduction to Licensing, including reasons for licensing, description of licensing agreements, infringement, competition law, and relationship-building.

Module 3: Determining Reasonable License Fees & Royalty Rates Risks and rewards, different valuation methods (Market, Financial, Cost) and their pros and cons, and royalty structures.

Module 4: Managing Risks Different kinds of risk and how to manage them i.e. confidentiality, infringement, liability, collection of royalties and other fees, and unlicensed competition.

Module 5: Licensing Game Practical exercise where licensee and licensor teams discuss and negotiate terms based on a licensing case study.

Q&A and Closing Reception

Please note that although all the course materials and case studies will be in English, this course will be conducted in Turkish, and there will not be any simultaneous translation available.

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