Boğaziçi University is Developing a Robot for Pain Free, Rapid Colonoscopy

Boğaziçi University Department of Mechanical Engineering and Institute of Biomedical Engineering started a project aimed to develop a medical device that will cut down the time needed for a colonoscopy by half and minimize the pain a patient may experience after the procedure.  With the robotic colonoscopy device to be developed as a first in Turkey, the project is expected to alter the commonly used method of colonoscopy. The project is supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

A Microscope That “Hears” Cancer Cells: The Photoacoustic Microscope

A “Photoacoustic Microscope” developed at Boğaziçi University by completely native technology combines light and sound to facilitate the detection of cancer cells.  Associate Professor Burçin Ünlü of Boğaziçi University Physics Department stated that they were also working on a new cancer treatment procedure where protons replace X-rays in radiotherapy so as to reduce damage to healthy cells.  Burçin Ünlü and his team have achieved remarkable advances in the field of early detection of cancer using the new technology developed at BU, the first of its kind in Tur

An Innovative Look at Muscle Mechanics by a Mechanical Engineer

An innovative approach to Botox treatment from a Boğaziçi University faculty member....

Prof. Can A. Yücesoy of Boğaziçi University’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering has been working on a project aimed at developing a new approach to understanding the causes of muscular diseases and optimizing currently used treatments, using mathematical modeling and various experimental techniques. The project is supported by TUBITAK.

Natural Gas Production From Coal Kicks Off

In line with the objective of using indigenous resources in the production of energy and minimizing its dependence on imports, Boğaziçi University is participating in a project aiming to develop the technology to produce natural gas from coal (SNG).  Within the context of the project backed by the Ministry of Development, the University will develop catalysts for a technology which is economically feasible, environmentally clean, and has low emission rates.

Physicians to Monitor Parkinson’s Patients Online

An accelerometer-based patient tracking system that facilitates the flow of data between physicians and patients has been developed by a team of researchers led by Professor Cem Ersoy of the Computer Engineering Department at Boğaziçi University. His team consists of research assistant and doctoral candidate Can Tunca; graduate student, Nezihe Pehlivan; and undergraduate student, Sertaç Önal.

Researchers at Boğaziçi University Have Developed Microfluidic Integrated Electronic Circuit


Organic Electronics has been attracting increasing interest in recent years. The Microfluidic Integrated Electronic Circuit project, developed by Associate Professor Şenol Mutlu of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and his team at Boğaziçi University, will be applicable in the area of biological and chemical sensors compatible with lab-on-chips. The device, produced by Mutlu and his team within the framework of the Microfluidic Integrated Electronic Circuit project, uses water as its transistor material.

An Important Step from Turkey in Artificial Sense of Touch

Founded by Assistant Professor Burak Güçlü of Bogazici University Biomedical Engineering Institute, Sense of Touch Research Laboratory is developing artificial sense of touch  to be used in advanced technology neuro prosthesis for paralyzed and amputee patients.

Supported as TUBITAK 1001 project, it is one of the few research studies in the world conducted in this field. The outcome of the project will be shared with scientists during a two-day international workshop to be held at Boğaziçi University.