Intellectual Property

Besides promoting creativity and innovation, the protection of intellectual property assets and rights and the development of the consciousness about it are extremely important for large scale industries, for SMEs and for inventors and innovators. At this juncture, TTO, as a bridge between university and industry, has the responsibility of raising awareness of intellectual property management. TTO is actively working at developing required facilities in order to protect intellectual property in an effort to increase the number of invention  disclosures from university and industry. Researchers and inventors may contact TTO while disclosing their inventions. Upon signing confidentiality agreements, TTO assists researchers and inventors and provides them guidance on the potential protection available to the disclosure (patent, copyright or trademark). TTO also helps them preparing patent application documents, applying for patents, and filing patent applications. While the cost of acquiring and maintaining patent protection may be significant, TTO assists inventors on accessing governmental incentives and support programs for patent application.

Understanding the strength of the IP assets and what their value is can help companies make decisions that align with their business goals and strategy. It is necessary for the companies to take adequate steps to develop an IP strategy for their business and seek to integrate it within their overall business strategy. Global companies pursue active IP strategies and monitor what their competitors are doing. TTO helps inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to protect, evaluate and manage their IP assets

You may find the Intellectual Property Policy prepared according to the strategies developed and described by Boğaziçi University's Intellectual Property Committee hereFor further information.