Innovation Management & Leadership Certification Programme (IMLEAP: November 2016 - March 2017)

 Innovation Management & Leadership Certification Programme (IMLEAP) Programme Calendar for 2016-2017 Term will be as follows:

July:  The development of web site and preparation of announcement
August: Releasing call for participation to all universities via mailings and social media.
14 October 2016: Deadline for application
14 November 2016: The start of IMLEAP after the announcement of selected participants.(Evaluation phase will be carried out by IMLEAP Academic Director and Program Director)

The programme of the training week:

Day 1
14thNovember 2016

Theory of innovation management
Team building
Communication techniques,
Project assignment and first brainstorming sessions

Day 2
15thNovember 2016

Visit to 1 public hospital (Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital) and making observation

Day 3
16thNovember 2016
Visit to 1 private hospital (Acıbadem Fulya Hospital) and making observation

Day 4
17thNovember 2016

Reporting observations and preparing presentation (~5min)

Day 5
18thNovember 2016

Meeting mentors/adviors, matching and pairing mentors and project teams, presentations of project ideas and deciding on focus area

December, January, February: Working on the project Interaction with mentors in personal meetings or livemeetings (project teams are required to meet their mentors at least once in a month)
17 March 2017:  Final presentations to the jury and award cerenomy
March-June: Together with mentors, preparing for Innovation Research Lab Exhibition, Erlangen
July: Participation at Innovation Research Lab Exhibition, Erlangen and poster presentation.