Incorporating Your Business at Boğaziçi University

TTO accepts project proposals from academics, students, and entrepreneurs. The proposals are evaluated by Advisory and Evaluation Committees. Following mutual agreement with the owner of the project proposal, the project is accepted to HayalEt Pre-Incubation and Accelerator Platform. There are training opportunities provided by TTO to project teams at HayalET on topics such as business model development, business plan preparation and marketing. TTO supports entrepreneurs also by bringing them together with the right investors, helping them to access the funds and by providing legal support to protect the intellectual property rights.

Projects and teams at HayalEt Platform are regularly monitored and provided with guidance by the TTO. TTO cooperates with angel investors and venture capital institutions in order to fund these projects in the process of commercialization.

TTO follows closely development process of the incubated projects and upon reaching the desired level of development, TTO updates exit strategies accordingly.

With the purposes of stimulating university students to generate new ideas and to implement their ideas, promoting technology-based entrepreneurship and innovation, the winners of İşteBU Project Competition are encouraged to establish companies. With a precondition of establishing a company, Project teams committed to start a company are offered office space at HayalEt Pre-Incubation and Accelerator Platform as well as the opportunity to benefit from the Platform’s other facilities.